Why (and How) We Make Podcasts

We say all the time, but our podcast really is our favorite thing we do. It’s when we actually sit down together for a dedicated time and have conversations about our marriage, family, or things we are trying to learn more about. It’s important to make space for these conversations.

On today’s episode, we intended to start with a call-in question, but took a journey into a nuanced conversation on our way to getting to the answer. (That is one of the great things about having a podcast – having the space to really talk about things.) 

How to Start A Podcast 

Eventually, we did get around to answering our Question Of The Week. It was a call-in question from a listener and her dad about how to get started making your own podcast. Even though we’ve been doing this a while, we will be the first to admit we are still figuring things out. We share the things we have learned so far, including our best tips for getting started and the tools you (may or may not) need. 

If you made it through the episode and are curious about the products Penn mentions, here are the links we promised: 

(Note: you could use a stand as a cheaper option, but we think the boom arm makes a huge difference.)

Enjoy this week’s podcast, including a guest appearance from a special kiddo who helps us answer a tough question.


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