27 Movies to Enjoy this Fall

Fall is upon us and I am a strong believer that fall will fix everything! (Pumpkins have to, right?) I have dived deep into my autumn decor and put away all my summer clothes. I don’t care if it’s still 80 degrees outside. I am ready to curl up with a blanket, drink hot tea, and admire the leaves that haven’t quite changed color yet. 

Lola and I had a great time watching classic movies this summer. (You guys seemed to really enjoy our list of 40 movies to show your teen!) So in honor of cool nights and comfy blankets, we have made a fall-themed movie list to hold us off until Christmas. 

Slightly Spooky

You can’t have a list of Fall movies without some Halloween horrors. (Of course, not real horror movies because that’s not my jam.) First and foremost we must discuss Hocus Pocus. The cast. The costumes. The comedy. It is the perfect movie for a fight-free night with the family. Well, you may argue about who is the best Sanderson sister. I would be happy if this was on repeat every night at our house. 

If you are ready for more witchy fun, then you must give Practical Magic a try. Young Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman star as sisters who are trying their darndest to avoid their magical genes and live normal lives. You can imagine how that goes.

If you have Disney+, Penn has been showing PC all the Halloween specials from The Simpsons. Some other great, kid-friendly movies include ParaNorman, E.T., and Twitches.

Love & Laughter 

If nothing says fall like curling up under a blanket with your boo, then nothing says love like You’ve Got Mail. The Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks love story begins anonymously and online. Sound familiar? Except this is 1998 so cue the clever AOL screen names.

If you are looking for a good cry to add to your movie night, be sure to check out Stepmom starring Susan Sarandon trying to come to terms with her ex-husband marrying the younger Julia Roberts. And if you want to continue the Julia Roberts train, be sure to watch Mystic Pizza. More love and laughs can be found in Clue, Death Becomes Her, and The High Note.

Real Stories

Based on a true story, October Sky is the heart-wrenching story of a young man who is torn between his interest in rockets and working in the local coal mine. And if you want to continue to cry your eyes out over real stories, be sure to check out Remember the Titans and The Big Sick.

Actually Scary

In making a fall-themed movie list, I’m pretty sure I’m required to put some actual scary movies on here. I personally hate them but Penn is a big fan. He says his favorite is A Nightmare on Elm Street, a psychological thriller that creeps into your head and stays there. Of course, we can’t forget about classics like Scream or the recent thought-provoking thriller, Get Out

What do you think of our list? What would you add or take out?