Ep. 5 Recap: The Amazing Race

Here’s the thing, I’m not afraid of heights. I’m just afraid of FALLING from high places. There’s a big difference. I’m not a thrill-seeking adrenaline junky. Nothing brings me more joy than just sitting on the couch. (My heart is racing just thinking about it while cozying up on my couch.) 

As a contestant on The Amazing Race you can assume that you will be jumping off or climbing up something terrifying. I was mentally prepared that, at some point, I would have to do something other than … sit on the couch. Finally, it happened. I ripped open the clue and learned I would have to take the leap. 

I would have to jump off the Valle Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, at 722 feet, it’s the second highest bungee jump in the world. 

Taking A Leap

Coming into The Amazing Race, I had made the decision I would do the “falling off of things” challenges. I would hate it, but I would do it. So many other challenges would require strength and speed and that needed to be Penn. Falling? Even at extreme heights? That would be me. I would have tears in my eyes, but I would do it. 

It’s easy to say, of course, but when faced with the drop … I panicked. 

While I jumped, Penn panicked. The flood of emotions impacted the rest of our day (not in a good way). We talked all about the jump (we have the video!), the hardest part of the race so far, and all the other things you didn’t see on screen. PLUS! We have a Zoom call with some of the cast of Season 33 to hear their stories from that day. 

You can watch our recap here or listen to our podcast below:


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