Homemade Scavenger Hunt – Download

Homemade Scavenger Hunt

My kids have always loved a good homemade scavenger hunt, especially Penn Charles. When they were younger I used to make them when we had an occasional snow day or to fight the summer break slump. Now that they are older, they actually will make them for Penn and I – which has become a welcomed brain break and time to bond as a family.

Social distancing will be difficult no matter what age you are, but my heart does go out to parents with younger kids who may not fully understand why it is needed. With the help of a good friend with littles, we have created an easy set-up scavenger hunt to play with your family. It consists of common household items and uses fill-in-the-blank rhymes to give your kids clues.

Who’s Ready to Play?

This scavenger hunt is best for kids ages 4-9. Younger kids can get help from older siblings as well. Be fully prepared to make multiple children take runs running around the house so everyone can find a clue. You can provide a fun prize at the end or do what we suggest – have it be a hug from you. We all could use a hug right now, amirite? 

Tell us what you think when you play the game! You can copy the clues down on post-it notes or you can print out our pre-made PDF to cut them up.

Homemade Scavenger Hunt (Ages 4-9)

Set-up 5-10 minutes | Run-time 10-20 minutes

Here are the clues in order of playing: 

  1. This is a place you rest your head, your first clue is on the _______. [BED]
  2. Roses are red, flowers are pink. You wash your hands in the _______. [SINK]
  3. You’ve got the hang of this, you know what to do. Your next clue is in a ______. [SHOE]
  4. Keep it up, you’ll have scavenger fame. Your next clue is by your favorite _____. [GAME]
  5. Where is the next clue? Check your nose. You’ll find it by your dirty ______. [CLOTHES]
  6. Keep playing if you dare, your next clue is on top of a _______. [CHAIR]
  7. This is better than doing a chore. Check for your next clue by the front _____. [DOOR]
  8. This is the place where you clean and scrub. Look for your clue in the ______. [TUB]
  9. Quick! Last clue, don’t be a slug! Run to find it under the _____. [RUG]
  10. Good for you! You found the rug. Now for your prize you get a hug! 

We’d love for you to share your at-home game ideas with us too! Send us a comment or an email to holdernessvideos@gmail.com! Stay sane everyone 🙂