| Jan 2019

How to Have Fun and Let Go

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First of all, a huge thank you to our sponsor and musical therapists Mandolin Orange from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We adore their music and think you should give them a listen.

People often tell us, “I wish my family was as fun as yours!” Well, we gotta tell ya, it isn’t always parodies and laughter in the Holderness House. News flash: social media only shows the best of life. We aren’t always goofy and happy. Penn tends to see life as a world of singing Muppets, while Kim (aka, Mommy Buzz Killington) sees chores and processed sugar. Like all marriages, the differences in personality can present challenges from time to time.

Yes, there are always dishes to clean, homework to tackle, and chairs that need pushed in (listen to the podcast for the weird reference), but we have realized that giving all your attention to those things is a fun sucker. When those every day chores take over, life gets a little less exciting. We’ve been trying some new techniques to do life better and shared our results on the podcast this week. We hope it adds a little more happy into your daily routines.

Kim’s list

1. Don’t let the to-dos override in-the-moment fun. Ditch the dishes and dance!

2. Make eye contact.

3. Ask better questions. Instead of asking, “How was school today?” we ask, “What made you smile today?”

4. Listen to the podcast for two more tips from Kim.

Penn’s list

1. Let him know (sing in the tune of “Let It Go!”).

2. Listen to learn about Penn Shui.

We also answered some of your Instagram questions, so tune in!  Here’s how to listen…

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