Looking Back on 2020

Is anyone else getting oddly emotional over EVERYTHING right now? Big things. Small things. Silly things. It’s all making me so emotional. Here’s a short list of things that made me cry in the past week:

  1. I wanted peppermint ice cream, but our favorite ice cream shop ran out. I cried.
  2. I had a dream our Christmas tree fell over and no one would help me pick it up. (Yes, it was just a dream and yet I still got emotional and cried.)
  3. My grandmother taught herself to knit socks and she sent some as a Christmas present. Opening the package, it smelled like her house. I cried. A lot.

But friends, you’re going to be so proud of me. Earlier this week, we did a quick listen of some of our most memorable podcast moments from 2020 and I held it together. I didn’t cry.

The Year We Didn’t Expect

We started the year with Penn wanting more time to “ooze” and relax. And I agreed to make more time to stare at each other. It’s funny how some things happen in ways you don’t expect, right? This year we covered a lot of important topics: staying positive amidst uncertainty, helping kids through the pandemic, and learning how to be better allies to the Black community.

I love the videos we make, but getting to have conversations with experts and each other is my favorite part of what we do. What was your favorite podcast episode of 2020? Take a listen and tell us in the comments!





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