| Jun 2020
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Space Escape Room – Free Download


If you’re like us, being home this summer with little options for camps has you reaching for things to do. So why not… reach for the stars with this at-home escape room activity?! (Yes, that was very cheesy of me.) I used to think Escape Rooms meant you were locked in a room that you had to figure your way out of. And that’s partly true. You also solve puzzles to get clues that eventually open the door. And that’s way more fun.

Solve the Space Case

You don’t have to create a space-themed escape room to play this game. The clues can lead your players all around the house. WARNING: The first page of the PDF holds the instructions and answers. So if you want to play along have someone else complete the prep. This educational escape room is all about space, planets, and astronauts. Each puzzle will help players fill in the coordinates AND will tell them where their next puzzle can be found. At the end of the puzzle, you will receive the final coordinates to save the astronauts who got lost on their way back home.

Space Escape Room (Ages 8 and up)

The game could be challenging for a younger player, but with a parent’s help it can be fun! It is best suited for anyone ages 8 and up. If you need an activity for a younger demographic, check out our Scavenger Hunt. Working in a team is best to complete the mission. Have someone print the download and follow the instructions, then get ready to play with your escape room team.

This is our first time making an escape room, so tell us what you think of this activity. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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