The truth about me: I feel ALL the feels

Post from Kim.

Here’s a newsflash: I suffer from some pretty wicked panic attacks. Yep. Me, the one dancing in pajamas, has moments when anxiety and depression forces me into a fog. Right now, I can’t stop obsessing about the children caught in this refugee crisis. Seriously, read this by clicking HERE, look at the pictures and tell me you can sleep well at night. Check it out, I’ll wait here.

Right? See what I mean? Since the most recent attacks I’ve been battling anxiety like a ninja. I try not to visualize my children sleeping on the concrete or in hospital beds, but my brain plays tricks on me and replays the images like a movie I can’t turn off.

We routinely do these silly videos where we change words to popular songs and dance around like fools. Our kids love it, I love it — but I struggle whether or not we should be putting such nonsense out into the universe in a time when there are so many things so much more important to focus on. But as it turns out, spending time laughing at myself and with my family is very healing. Watching my kids sing and dance brings me out of my fog even for a few moments. The act of creating something out of nothing is cathartic for me.
As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m thankful for my healthy children, a roof over my head, and a family that makes me laugh every. single. day.
I hope this video makes you smile, or at least can serve as a brief distraction to the seriousness of your newsfeed.

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