| Oct 2018

Bullying in Today’s Society: What You Need to Know

penn holderness

Ah, bullies. Sadly, we all have some sort of experience with this dreaded battle. So, we invited youth motivational speaker Tom Thelen on the podcast this week to talk about bullying in today’s society. We shared our own personal stories (including why Penn wore his Boy Scout uniform to school) and Tom talks us through some hot questions:

  1. What exactly is bullying? Do both kids and adults experience it?
  2. Would you know if your kids were being bullied?
  3. How has social media changed how people bully?
  4. How can you/your child can be victim proof?

We should also mention that Penn’s alter ego shows up, which should give you a nice laugh break during such a heavy topic.

Ways to listen:

Libsyn, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play

Tom Thelen resources: https://victimproof.org/ and https://tomthelen.com/

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