When to Push Through, and When to Pause

A major theme of this years’ Olympics has been mental health and the pressure athletes face. We wanted to know – what’s the right balance between working hard and performing, but also listening to your gut and taking care of yourself? 

On this week’s podcast, we have JJ Birden, former NFL player turned motivational speaker who talks to us about reaching your potential – especially as an underdog. JJ, who once caught touchdown passes from Joe Montana, was one of the smallest players in the NFL at 5’10 157 pounds. Despite his stature, he lasted nine years in the NFL. 

Putting In The Work (Not Just in Sports) 

Penn, a self-proclaimed sports nerd, was excited to speak to a professional athlete but we didn’t just talk about sports. We also asked JJ his advice about making decisions under pressure and his insights into marriage and fatherhood.  

Tune in to hear our conversation on Simone Biles, concussions, youth sports, a 31-year marriage, adoption, and raising 8 children. 

Also be sure to check out JJ’s book, 8 Surefire Ways to take Advantage, where JJ teaches how to motivate yourself to change and set goals for your life, how to discipline yourself physically and mentally to take action when opportunity knocks and staying committed to your goals when faced with barriers, setbacks, obstacles, and hurdles in life.