| Feb 2019

Find Lasting Optimistic Willpower

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Hello from London! We are here for work (and some fun). Let us tell ya, we have learned a thing or two about life here. Some amazing, some concerning. After Penn shares his pros and cons London list, we dive into finding willpower and why some seem to have a stronger conviction than others.

For Penn, lasting willpower doesn’t come from fear or pressure from others. Penn has adopted a great system that fuels positive choices. On this week’s podcast, he shares his tips to finding optimistic willpower. So many times we focus on long-term gratification or fear as a source of willpower, but that never worked for Penn. Instead, he started making choices for the now. He lives for the moment. For example, he decides to not eat that piece of pizza, because going on a walk with the kids and dog is more appealing than groaning on the couch with a full gut for the evening.

Listen for all Penn’s tips on building up your positive willpower to reach your goals.

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