Remembering My Dad

My Dad was an absolute legend. He lit up every room he walked into, dedicated his life to his community, and founded local charities to help those in need. Even if I started dedicating my life to serve others today, I wouldn’t come close to the things he’s done for his community and state. Haywood Holderness passed away earlier this month. There’s been a lot of ‘laughter through tears’ at our house remembering him. If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that his health and mind has declined for quite some time. No matter the circumstance, losing a parent is never easy. 

Let Your Wishes Be Known

Haywood never wanted his health to be a burden to anyone. About 10 years ago, he wrote out specific instructions about everything he wanted when he passed. From the funeral home to the hymns sung at church. (Can you imagine having to google funeral homes the night your parent passed away because you didn’t know the answer to that question?) It was truly a gift to have that information, as well as other preparations he made. 

This week on the podcast, we remember my Dad and talk about the lessons learned from having a parent pass away. This may sound crazy, but you will probably laugh at at least one of them. Hug those you love, tomorrow is never promised. Happy listening. 

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